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Pennsylvania Consortium for the Liberal Arts

C. Breimhurst Media Co. stepped in to facilitate a generative and inclusive process for a liberal arts consortium that was looking to turn their values into visual branding. The result? A unique, impactful design concept.

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“By walking us through what to expect in the branding process, we were able to make better decisions on what was important for us to portray in our branding.”
Irene Burgess, Executive Director
Pennsylvania Consortium for the Liberal Arts

Scope of Work

How do you create a visual identity for your business? Where do you begin? Organizations face the challenge of creating visuals that represent their values. The endless possibilities can either inspire or overwhelm. That’s where C. Breimhurst Media Co. comes in! We facilitate a creative consultation process to identify images that represent the values at the core of your business.

When the Pennsylvania Consortium for Liberal Arts— a statewide consortium uniting liberal arts colleges— began exploring concepts for a logo design, they wanted an image that would encompass their values of statewide unity and educational progress. The consortium struggled to turn their values into a visual concept. C. Breimhurst Media Co. stepped in, facilitating a generative and inclusive process while applying impactful design guidelines.

Through the consultation session, the consortium found their way to the image of a tree. For consortium members, the tree represented education, growth, and progress. The consortium identified the eastern hemlock, Pennsylvania’s state tree, as a representation of their unity. From this, the idea of a pinecone emerged. This image— multifaceted, unifying, and productive— perfectly represented the foundational values of the consortium. By providing tested-guidelines and asking the right questions, C. Breimhurst Media Co. facilitated the process for the consortium to develop a distinctive image that fully represents its values.

Consortium Director, Irene Burgess explains, “by giving us many avenues to explore who we thought we were visually, C. Breimhurst Media Co. gave us a sense of agency in the process of determining what would best represent our future.”

About the Branding

  • Color
    Purple was chosen to complement the palate of consortium members, most of whom incorporate blue, brown, red and orange in their traditional colors.
  • Symbol
    The pinecone was chosen as the symbol to represent the Eastern Hemlock, the state tree of Pennsylvania.
  • Shape
    The squared logo incorporates a rectangular version of the pinecone, symbolizing the approximate shape of Pennsylvania.
  • Adapted, with permission, from the Consortium website
  • Design by Jason Pohlig
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